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8.3 IFC-export

About IFC

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is an international standard for defining the product models in the building services. It is a method for sharing and distributing the information between different software applications.
A MagiCAD drawing can be saved in the IFC format and transferred e.g., to the CAD application that is used by the architect. The geometrical and technical information of the electrical and HVAC objects are transferred with the help of an IFC file.
The IFC version 2x3 is used in MagiCAD.

About export and views

In MagiCAD for Revit the IFC export is based on Revit views. Only the objects that are visible in the current view are exported. For this reason we encourage you to create IFC specific views where you set the visibility of the objects according to your preferences. When you create the IFC export file, change the correct view and perform the export function in that view.

Exporting only graphics without parameters

If you wish to export only the graphical representation of the objects to an IFC file, simply do not select any configurations. 

Objects without visible 3D geometry

Instances without visible 3D geometry are not exported to IFC.