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1.1 Settings window

Before you start working with MagiCAD you should select the settings you want to use with MagiCAD. They are done in the settings windows. Setting button can be found in "MagiCAD common" panel from the ribbon.
1.1 Settings window

Hide systems

without devices

When the devices are installed, the system for the device is selected in the installation dialog. You can restrict the number of available systems by hiding the systems that do not have any devices.
However, if you do this, you cannot create new systems in the installation dialog.

IFC configuration file

Select the location of the IFC configuration file. See about IFC export functionality, property sets and configurations from here.
You can use a company standard or specify a separate project specific IFC configuration file.

Parameter merge configuration file

Parameter merge configurations can be saved to a file. The default filename and the location is selected here.

Default dataset folder

Default dataset folder


Select the user interface languge.

Discipline tabs

Select which discipline tabs are visible in the ribbon.


Click this button to configure the layout of MagiCAD's contextual ribbon. The contextual ribbon is shown when some object is selected in Revit.
Check the items what you want to see in the contextual ribbon.
The location of the configuration file can be selected by clicking the "Browse" button".

Location of the online

product database

Select the location of the online database server.

Location of the files

Select the location of the datafiles. In case you are working in a group / worksets, it is recommended that you copy all the files from the data folder to a server. In that case everyone who work with the same project have access to the same datafiles. The location of the datafiles is selected with these fields. 

Market area

Select the relevent  market specific market products. Selecting market area will show only the products that are used in the selected market area. This has importance when the products are selected to the dataset.

Add / Remove


Calculation standard

The standard for the calculations is selected here.
Pressure losses of the ventilation and piping systems
  • Default
The resistance factors of the fittings are taken according to the traditional MagiCAD method
  • Cibse
The resistance factors are taken from the British Cibse C standard
Flow calculation and sizing of the domestic water systems are available with the following standards
  • Finnish D1
  • Danish SBi instructions 235, water installations sizing
  • Norwegian KS Standard abbonnementsvilkår for vann og avløp
  • Swedish Tabeller och diagram VVS 2000
  • French DTU 60.11
  • British BS 6700
  • European EN 806
Calculation standards for the drainage flow calculations are
Add flows
The arithmetical sum of the flows is calculated
EN 12056 (system 1 - system 4)
The discharge flow is calculated according to the standard EN 12056
The selected system type (1-4) is used
NF DTU 60.11 P-2
A French standard DTU.11 P-2 is used to calculate the discharge flow.
In case the domestic water or drainage standard is changed, MagiCAD tries to set the correct input values for the devices in the dataset and for the devices which are already installed. the setting is based on the appliance type. Each standard defines the default values for different appliance types.
The appliance type is shower and the standard is changed, MagiCAD sets the values from the selected standard to all the showers in the dataset and also the installed showers. Sometimes there are no equivalent appliance type which could be used when the standard is changed. In such cases MagiCAD sets the appliance type as "Other" and doesn't set the default values.
We do not encourage changing the calculation standard for the domestic water or drainage in the middle of the project, it should be selected at the beginning of each project. For the other calculations (piping, ventilation and sprinkler) the standard can be safely changed in the middle of the project without the side effects.

Solar computer

Check this box if you want to use the interface to German Solar computer calculation program.