Resolved issues

BOM Error with Scramble Connection - "Error -200 saving handlemap"
An error message appeared when it a BOM was taken from a drawing which had a Scramble Connection. The BOM was trying to add the same scramble connection twice. This error is corrected.
It is possible to select air device size after installation
Disabled the possibility to select the size for the air device in the part properties dialog.
Sorting order of systems was changed in 2015.4 version
MagiCAD system list has been previously sorted according to the UserCode. But in the previous version it was changed to use ID. This caused problems in the projects which have several systems.
Now the sorting order for the systems is saved into the project and MagiCAD remembers the previously used sorting order.
Improvements for calculation report view is needed
Now the report is not shown if there is at least one topology error. In this case a warning message is shown: "Calculation report cannot be shown because of topology errors."
The duct connection node was missing flow/velocity information
Now the flow and the velocity are updated to the connection node.
It is necessary to make some "Native types" clear
In the property set dialog there were six groups in the list of "Applies to part types" with the same name "Reduction (integrated)"
Added separate texts for each system group in the IFC property set dialog
Sound values for climate beams were always 0 dB
The LpA valued were not saved for the climate beams from the calculation. This is corrected.
Properties button for the connection node "None" doesn't work.
The "Properties..." button was not visible in the Part Properties dialog if the selected object is not a product.
Specific heat of Thermeras in Finnish 2015.11 templates
The values were 1000 times too small because they were given in kJ/kg°C instead of J/kg/°C
The partial insulation disappeared when valves were added
When a pipe has a partial insulation and user installs e.g. a valve to the pipe, the insulation disappeared. This happened regardless whether the valve was placed at the insulated part or non insulated part.
The fan coils were labeled as the air terminals in IFC export
Now fan coil unit is exported as coil.
Air device 2D symbol, gap between symbol and flex duct
Some radiators were drawn incorrcetly and it was difficult to connect them to the pipes
Radiators whose installation point is not at the center were handled incorrectly and their filling was misplaced.
It was difficult to connect pipes to radiator and when the connection succeeded, the pipes were drawn incorrectly.
Room info was not set to a newly created object
The room info is now updated for newly creating objects like radiators.
Command MAGISEL did not handle integrated reductions
The "Select branch" command did not select integrated reductions when the selected part was a tee.
Quick Section - command line texts were misleading
The command line text of the "Quick Section" command has been changed.
Previously they were "First camera point" and "Second camera point". The texts are now "Camera location" and "Direction".
The part properties dialog did not show the room info
Part Properties dialog now shows the room info also in the following dialogs.
MagiExplode will keep filled areas in symbols filled. This works only from the top view.
MagiCAD Automatic text thinks that integrated reduction is cleaning cover
When the automatic dimension text was uses to add information to the cleaning cover also the reduction got the same text.
Cannot select options for the scramble connections
The command line prompt was incorrect. Without the corrcetion, options "scRamble/Plain/outLet" worked, but "reDuction/1-sidedrEduction/Options" did not.
Unisolate command could crash HPV
Running unisolate twice after isolate potentially crashed HPV.
The alignment of pipe lacks locked note message
If top/bottom alignment is chosen in the "Draw pipe" dialog, the text “Note: Diameter is locked” was not shown.
Manifold has problems with connections/fittings
Placing a plug or component at the end of a manifold by continuing to draw the pipe caused the component to be installed to the end of the pipe which is connected to the manifold. Also the manifold was moved and flipped.
Find & replace doesn't work for radiators
The size of the radiator could not be selected.
The part properties of clearing cover lacked product variable, national code .etc
Added handling of the product variables and the national code for the accessories.
Change text: Storey IDs are the same in both drawings
Changed text to "Active storey is the same in both drawings. Cannot continue."